Meris Gebhardt, founder and lead coach, Opulent mindfulness corporate and executive meditation

Meris R. Gebhardt, Founder

Our Story

Taking new products or services to market happens faster than ever. Today’s businesses face stressors unheard of a generation ago.

Add in digital distraction 24/7 and you’ve got a workforce primed for burn out and stress-related illness—illness that not only impacts quality of life, it also affects your bottom line.

Stress-related illness accounts for a increasingly large percentage of absenteeism, workers’ errors, and oversights.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to help greatly reduce the negative effects of stress.  

Reduced stress means happier, healthier humans. Happy and healthy humans equals more vibrant, energized, focused workers, which in turn translates to better company morale, fewer mistakes, and better execution of ideas and processes.

Meditation isn’t magic. It just feels that way when you feel your stress disappear.

I would know. After years of high intensity, high performance work in internationally renowned high tech companies, I learned firsthand how a meditation practice can transform lives. In fact, it transformed my own life so much, I now dedicate myself to sharing the benefits of mindfulness in the corporate environment.

Ready to bring bliss to your boardroom?

Schedule an introductory session for yourself, your team, or a special event or conference. Your brain—and your staff—will thank you.

Opulent Mindfulness corporate and executive meditation with Meris Gebhardt

About Meris

I’ve spent over 17 years studying with some of the world’s most recognized authorities of mindfulness methods and yoga. Obtaining a Bachelor of Science, focused on the intersection of psychology, biology and nursing, informed my wholistic approach to creating radical health.

I’ve led courses and sessions for teams at diverse organizations such as NIKE, Columbia Sportwear, Legacy Health Systems, Kaiser-Permanente, Multnomah Athletic Club, Anthropologie, Friends of the Children, VISTAGE, WE-Worldwide, Christensen Electric, Technology Association of Oregon, Wacom, Showpad, Zapproved, Toastmasters International and many more.

When I’m not working, I enjoy road biking, cooking healthy food, spending time with family and friends, and hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my dog, Max.

Mindfulness Meditation at Work

OM | Opulent Mindfulness helps you boost your bottom line, improve employee morale, enhance worker health, and reduce error and inefficiencies. But don’t just take our word for it…

“Beginning our meetings with meditation was remarkably effective in helping focus our attention for the business at hand.”

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