Mission Statement:  

Opulent Mindfulness is committed to encouraging optimal health through stress management mindfulness meditation. Science has proven that our brains are plastic and we must train them by practicing mindfulness meditation every day if we want results!



For the past 22 years I have been working in corporate America, stressed out and wanting for more.  I've been pushing, driving and pressing the limits  until.............     Until what? Until when?  Until NOW.

Opulent Mindfulness  | High Performance Meditation

Do you find yourself on the verge of burnout? Never enough time in the day? Living in fear of hitting deadlines and targets? Tired of trying to motivate your teams? Moreover, are you worried about how long you can continue on this trajectory?

Start with Why?

My WHY became clear when I noticed that my life felt possible, light and bright on those days that I was meditating.  On the off days, I was just that - off.  Agitation, aggravation, irritation and cranky, sluggish energy was bogging me down.  I was driven by external forces of who I was supposed to be, the money I was supposed to make and the person the rest of the world was comfortable with me being.  I continued to pursue the wrong work, enter the wrong relationships and struggle to find joy in my everyday life.  Finally, on November 23rd I was laid off for what I decided would be the last time.  Ironically, on the way into work that very morning, I was thinking to myself, there is something else I should be doing today, different work that makes sense to me, my value system and that the world desperately needs.  The eureka moment comes without warning which is what makes it a eureka moment.  My path became starkly clear, my work now never feels like work and the learnings will feed me for a lifetime.  I am home.  

Who:  Business Unit Teams, Executive Management, Professionals, Staff, Students, Children and Athletes of All Ages

Where: On-site, Boardroom, Meeting Rooms, Retreats, Executive Summits, Classrooms, Auditoriums and Lecture Halls

When: At the Beginning of Regular Meetings, Retreat Kick-off Sessions; Regularly Scheduled or Periodic Meetings


Sal Faruqui, Mentor, Leader, Advisor

Dr. James Peck, Surgeon + Doctors w/o Borders

Jon MaroneyStart-up Investor Adviser, OAF

Tom Mesher, Co-founder Stash and TAZO Teas

Reema Datta, Yogi Extraordinaire + Inspiration

Tom Williams, Marketing Expert

Beth Oliver, Wellness Expert, Nike 

Malti Agarwal-Greenberg, Spiritual Inspiration

Mohammad Saeed Rahman, Grounding Guide

Qua Veda, Trailblazer and Professional Counsel, Intel