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How to Boost Sales with Mindfulness

Opulent Mindfulness: sales team working with presentation board

While I’ve taught meditation in a wide array or environments, my specialty is in corporate mindfulness—I bring “bliss to the boardroom”, making it easy for busy executives, managers, and leadership to experience the multifold benefits. One of the most common questions I’m asked is how, exactly, mindfulness meditation helps improve business? The short answer is…

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How to Boost Self Control (And Why It Matters)

Opulent Mindfulness image showing effects of stress at work

Have you ever tried to meditate and wondered why your thoughts and desires are so hard to control? It happens to the best of us, and it’s not some kind of critical failing on our part, though often people take it that way. It’s just science, folks! That difficulty with self-control is all due to…

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Meditation: Real or Ridiculous?

opulent mindfulness man relaxing with hands behind head illustrating how meditation brings ease

With so much information going around about meditation—what it is, what it does, how it works—and an outdated or archaic image that is sometimes quite woowoo and “out there”, how is one to know if it’s real or not? The question was posed to an author in a recent article, and I really liked the…

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How Meditation Rewires Your Brain

Opulent Mindfulness, meditation brain scan

Mindfulness meditation practices change the brain. Studies by Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist and physician at Jefferson University Hospital and director of research at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, tell us that when in the peak meditative state we connect with greater sensory input. Newberg would know. He studies the relationship between the brain…

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3 Easy Steps to Better Willpower

opulent mindfulness image showing woman practicing meditation for willpower

Lately I’ve been thinking about the subject of self-control— what it is, how it works, why ’s SO HARD sometimes. Self-control stirs up all kinds of unwelcome connotations: limitations, restrictions, restrain and refrain. But let’s  turn self-control upside down for a moment. What if self-control actually gave us more freedom, not less? Mindfulness meditation is…

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