OM’s meditation sessions are the best 30 minutes a modern business can invest in during the day for the productivity and focus of it’s team and leadership. Meris’ calm and delightful presence combined with her meaningful guidance makes the practice of mindfulness accessible and enjoyable for everyone and that doesn’t even include the lasting post-session effects of clarity, peace and calm. ~ George Borshukov, Academy Award Winner
Photo by STEFANOLUNARDI/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by STEFANOLUNARDI/iStock / Getty Images

Bliss in the Boardroom

Meeting Openers

Routine Business Meeting Openers. When you choose this option, you are scheduling Opulent Mindfulness to come to your office on a routine basis and open your meetings with guided mindfulness meditation. Performance will soar, burnout will drop. Intended for teams of up to 20 in size; to include staff and executives and business teams. Cheaper than 20 subscriptions for individual meditation apps!

Book an Event


Executive Summits, Off-site Retreats, In-Service Days 

Kicking off the meeting with meditation will ground and clear the mind, readying everyone for these special monthly, quarterly, annual events. Opulent Mindfulness opens the meeting and/or closes the day with an agreed upon length of time to include a presentation on mindfulness meditation and a guided practice.  Willing to partner with the facilitator.


Be Here Now


Routine breeds good habits.  The more we practice the better the outcome. Call for an on-demand meditation session in the heat of the moment, in anticipation of a presentation or coming out of a stressful confrontation. A pre-established practice will ensure you smoothly navigate the rough waters we know await. 

Wake up to Mindfulness   

Studies show that when you start your day with an ever so brief moment of mindfulness meditation, you will flow through your day with direction and purpose. You are less likely to be distracted, you'll have more energy and clarity. Relationships improve instantly. Let stress slip away rather than store it in your body resulting in stress-related disease. Consider weekly private sessions.

Meditation led by Meris is relevant, thoughtful and inspiring. The perfect start for every meeting, workshop or retreat.
— Lisa Buchmiller, Director Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC)