Virgin/Branson - Mindfulness Makes for Best Leaders

Richard Branson can't be wrong...and the stories just keep on rolling in. Here Branson reaffirms what I've been talking about for years -- mindfulness meditation practiced daily if only for a few minutes has been reported to completely transform his day. Minus emotional and mental distraction, meditation offers sloughing off the worries in order to focus as a clear and highly effective human being. Strike the balance, let's strike a POSE! -- in seated meditation. Read more here.....


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Mindful Mingling - Spirited in the Season



I want to share some thoughts that have been presenting themselves to me a lot lately. This notion of resiliency, believing everything is going to be alright and especially this time of year, practicing the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.  These emotions are not easy to come by when plagued with death, change, finances and pressures to succeed and be our best





Well, I'm here to enlighten you.  With just a few minutes of mindful quietude, you can recharge your batteries, set your mind right and decide to soak up the spirit of the season. We feel drained, exhausted and burned out.  Yes, this is the West and our culture depletes us.


But fear not, a remedy is knocking at your proverbial door.  Sit, breath, be still.  In these peaceful, restorative moments we garner the courage to shape our days, our relationships and ultimately our short life in this incredible world.  Trust me, IT'S POSSIBLE and the energy will be yours!


1.  Mindful Mingling -- when visiting with people at social gatherings, on your daily route and your family around the dinner table, look in their eyes, be still in your heart and truly listen to this person whole heartedly with all of your being.  It's the BEST present you can give.  The present of your presence.  Think about how good you feel when someone is present for YOU!


2.  Mindful Munching -- are you hungry or are you nervous?  When faced with sometimes uncomfortable social settings, we gather around the table and munch, munch, munch. It's in our nature to fidget, stay busy and confuse hunger with nerves.  In these moments, FIRST simply notice.  Don't change, don't berate yourself and DO taste, breath and slow down your belly.  Soften in that space, take some deep breaths and truly be still in your skin. You will turn your nerves into nurture and everyone in your presence is a winner -- including YOU!


3.  Mindful Movement -- there is no better drug than good ol' endorphins.  It's a miraculous and natural wonder.  Get outside and stroll, dance, make snow angels! Breath deeply, feel the tingle in your skin and amp up your inner drive.  Restore and get going -- you will love more deeply, enjoy the moment and end up eating and drinking less.  Why? Because you are contented and connected deeply within. I promise, it works!


In closing, I would like to leave you with the comforting notion that self care is not selfish. I encourage you to carve out a few minutes of each and every day this month to find your way.  Usher in the new year with those near and dear in a state of pure cheer.