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Founder, Meris Gebhardt

Drawing on 22+ years of yoga, Ayurveda, psychology, philosophy,  professional experience and having struggled with her own bouts of anxiety, Meris is a highly regarded and prolific teacher, thought leader, and expert in the field of corporate & individualized meditation. Accepting and inviting new clients from around the world, Meris' style melds highest level thinking with deepest level somatic integration - a truly bespoke level of meditation leadership that you simply will not find anywhere else in the world. Guiding from informed intuition, no two sessions are alike and each is channeled from a divine source of wisdom to best serve your highest need.

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Apprentice, Darakshan Wajid


To be the world's BEST global corporate meditation leader. Having feared layoffs my entire career, I endeavor to instill a deep sense of value and belief in all I guide and touch. Aspring to reach one's highest and greatest potential in life is the name of our game. Let's play!


The OM Vision is to bring meditation to all companies. We know we cannot do it alone and yet when we do it well, we open the door for all to walk through.