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Globla Meditation Leader Meris Gebhardt runs you through some of the exercises that take place at Opulent Mindfulness. Part of our meditation sessions involves getting more in touch with yourself.

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Some of the most common issues facing employees in workspaces today include overthinking, anxiety, presenteeism, and crumbling relationships. All of these issues interfere with your workforce’s productivity, impacting your team performance and goals. Now more than ever coporate meditation is a must-have offer. Let's customize your plan. 

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Meet Meris Gebhardt, global meditation leader and Founder at Opulent Mindfulness.

Drawing on 22+ years of yoga, Ayurveda, psychology, philosophy and professional experience, Meris is a highly regarded and prolific teacher, thought leader, and expert in the field of corporate & individualized meditation. 


Accepting and inviting new clients from around the world, Meris' style melds highest level thinking with deepest level somatic integration - a truly bespoke level of meditation leadership that you simply will not find anywhere else in the world. 

Guiding from informed intuition, no two sessions are alike and each is channeled from a divine source of wisdom to best serve your highest need.  

My session with Meris was life changing - the questions she asked were thought provoking, simple and obvious yet deeply transformative. She held space for me to explore my purpose in a most creative and imaginative way, which I had been struggling with for months and years. Yet with her guidance, I was able to delve into that space I hadn't been able to get into on my own. We sat in meditation and her guidance ushered in wisdom that I didn't know existed within me. I cannot stop saying it enough -- it was life changing!

Sarah Roderick, House of Colour Consultant