How to Boost Sales with Mindfulness

Portrait of smiling handsome young businessman with his hands behind head lying on couch, dozing, relaxing

sales teams work better when they have developed the critical skills of resiliency and compassion through mindfulnessWhile I’ve taught meditation in a wide array or environments, my specialty is in corporate mindfulness—I bring “bliss to the boardroom”, making it easy for busy executives, managers, and leadership to experience the multifold benefits.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is how, exactly, mindfulness meditation helps improve business?

The short answer is easy: even a modest amount of meditation—just a handful of minutes a day—produces greater focus, clarity, and energy and less stress and reactivity. Fewer mistakes are made and businesses experience reduced employee absenteeism due to stress-related illness.

Though a general practice can help just about anyone, where I’ve really seen meditation help a business is working with sales teams. From my years in corporate sales, I know firsthand the challenges sales managers and their staff face. Pressure can be very high, especially approaching landmarks.

Sales teams in particular can benefit from a mindfulness practice to help them handle rejection better. More elegant, neutral, productive objection handling responses become second nature. By incorporating meditation into a daily practice, it enables us to become more compassionate human beings. This expanded empathy and compassion boosts our intrinsic desire to help people, not “sell” them. Instead of putting up a natural defense, your customer is disarmed allowing a collaborative approach to problem solving.

As sales professionals, we present solutions to customer problems. If the prospect chooses to pass, the meditation-empowered salesperson is not attached to the outcome. Rather than offending the prospect with a hard “push” we let go of the transaction gracefully. This non-attachment means we’re able to move along to the next deal with a clean slate, adhering to the process, not the selfish win.

I’m not alone in my belief that mindfulness practices helps the sales process. Even Hubspot’s sales guru, Jordan Benjamin, promotes its adoption to boost sales. Here, he shares five ways meditation will help hit sales targets.

What could be better? Well, ask anyone who knows anything about sales, and they’ll tell you resiliency is a critical personality trait for today’s contemporary sales professional. Meditation is the gold standard for anyone hoping to bounce back after far more rejections on any given day.

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