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You’ve landed at the hub for NYC's top meditation content.

We are thoughtfully curating proprietary guided meditation tracks designed to address the stressors inherent in our modern “always-on” culture. Reset your day with meditations available in 3 categories:



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Meditation on-the-go is a no-brainer.

OMbytes are professionally studio-recorded guided meditation audio "bytes"
available for custom integration into your existing app or digital platform.

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Why Integrate OMbytes?

  • Meditation is proven to boost workout results.
    Go: more often, harder and with fewer injuries!
  • Paired with fitness, meditation reduces depressive symptoms by 40% when practiced twice a week ¹
  • Position yours as the expert consumer "go-to" app
  • Members will spend more time in YOUR app environment
  • Better outcomes boost Brand Sentiment | Brand Recall
  • Mindfulness meditation is trending and expected by your savvy modern consumer
  • Gamify - make it fun!
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"Meris is a wonderful guide on your meditation journey! She radiates positivity and kindness and her peaceful demeanor allows you to experience the benefits of meditation completely.”

—Jessica Paluska

"Thank you! A short yet powerful grounding tool."


"A very meaningful meditation on the importance of sitting in silence daily! The metaphor of the river was perfect, cleaning the screen of debris and just allowing the river of life to flow more freely, energizing our soul! Let's face it, we all have popcorn minds and the practice of meditation allows us to not react to our thoughts and become distracted and clouded from our true essence! This, to me, is an important meditation and thank you, Maris, for providing such wisdom! I will return often, Namaste."





Daily byte-sized meditations.