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It all begins here. OM | Meditation Teacher Training is here to provide you with the support and information you need in order to follow your dreams. AND usher others toward theirs - from anywhere in the world!

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Welcome! Do you desire to share your gifts with the world? Are you longing to connect with brilliant and dynamic people? Reach near and far; design your life with OM | Meditation Teacher Training!


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Whether you are seeking to deepen your own personal practice or desire to become a polished professional, OM | Meditation Teacher Training wants to help you overcome your struggles in order to activate one of the most important and powerful talents of our time. You’ve always dreamt of this. Now is your moment to bring your gifts to the world. Book your dynamically curated OM | TT and elevate your being in every aspect of your life. Learn to become a corporate and individual meditation leader. Start making money immediately!

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Program Structure

For 13 weeks we will gather as a LIVE cohort for 30 minutes each week. During these live sessions you will learn the very special OM meditation technique. Each week, we introduce a new and enriching lifestyle habit. Infusing new habits over our 90 day stretch together will ensure they stick and are sustained. Drawing from brain health experts, Atomic Habits, life hacks and countless other reputable lifestyle designers, you will finish this course on a new and elevated trajectory beyond your wildest dreams!

Required personal practice of 15-20 minutes twice daily will catapult you NEXT LEVEL.

This is a rolling 13 week series so you may join at any time. 

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How we got here

Crafted over the course of 22+ years, I am thrilled to finally be bringing this gift right to you, into your heart and the many many hearts you will inevitably touch. Blending ancient wisdom with modernized interpretation, our practice is deeply connected to trusted lineages: yoga, Ayurveda, Food as Medicine, MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction), Compassion Cultivation Training (Stanford Medical), Non-violent Communication, Ziva Meditation, Vedic traditions, Vedanta, Baptiste, Montessori training and a lifetime full of trial and error. Time-tested and living proof of the powerful impacts of a life steeped in meditation, meditation heals and transforms.


Meris Gebhardt, Founder Opulent Mindfulness a full suite corporate and individual meditation leader

22+ years of yoga, ayurveda, psychology, philosophy and professional experience, Meris is a prolific teacher, thought leader and expert in the field of corporate and individualized meditation. Clients served: spotify, paypal, Cisco Systems, pinterest, indeed, NBC, Nike, Calvin Klein, WIX, uber, airbnb, etsy, weight watchers, American Red Cross, consultancies, accounting firms, architecture studios, law firms, startups, tech and non-profits. Accepting and inviting clients from around the world, Meris' style melds highest level thinking with deepest level somatic integration. Guiding from pure intuition, no two sessions are alike and each is channeled from a divine source of wisdom, real-time.

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Vera's successful business career has been fueled by a personal dedicated yoga practice. Since becoming a certified Mindfulness and Yoga Trainer in 2009, she works with all populations to practice mindfulness for healthy and purposeful life. Vera Live is motivated to guide you to harness the power of attention through guided meditation. Having worked for BP, Exxon, Multnomah county in Portland and Nike, she has a proven track record of delivering tangible results to her clients.

 Vera believes an “Holistic and preventative approach to health is a key to a fulfilled life.”

Vera Live, Founder Propel to Well
global mindfulness,
meditation and yoga 


13 Week TT Series

Be the change you want to see in the world...your own life and countless others are waiting for you now.

This is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Credited Course.

Empathetic – you summarize situations using my words as if you absorb them and understand them well, hard to do and you do that well. You also understand that changing lifelong habits takes time, so you are very patient/gentle with the process
Approachable/Trustworthy – I trust you and find it very easy to work with you. You are very relatable, I like  your humor, and I also like your authenticity – you obviously enjoy what you do. Finally, you welcome feedback with every single session (particularly the mediation sessions), which always adds new learnings to the other people involved
Knowledgeable/Flexible – It feels like you customize your program to each individual,  and I love all of the excellent advice and learnings that you are exposing me to

Alison Gemmell, Cisco Systems

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