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"Meditating with Meris has been a joy. In a world that almost encourages overthinking, it's so easy for one's thoughts to spiral out of control and to lose touch with one's emotions. Meris' soothing voice and unique teaching style has helped me connect to my feelings and balance out my thinking with my feeling."


~ Cole Fitter, University of Portland Graduate '21, Philosophy & Spanish Major, Entrepreneur Scholar; IG @cfittie

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"Days ago I had the pleasure of listening to Meris talk at the Own Your Future Challenge with Dean Graziosi (Tony Robbins' business partner). Something in her voice, her energy and way of moving the body told me she had something unique to offer the world. I immediately contacted her, willing to connect on a deeper level, exchange ideas around our personal meditation practices and jump in session with her. Meris has the ability to go way beyond the simple act of concentration of silence. She pushes you on the importance of reflecting, thinking and using the potential of our brain in our vantage to create new points of view and share it with other members of her growing group. I am definitely going to keep in touch with this beautiful human and support her amazing service to the world."


~Felice Marano Yoga Therapist - Author - Innovation Specialist

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"I am not much of a talker during our sessions, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your meditation today. I love the idea of "resetting at the baseline", regrouping and beginning again, not letting the past define our present moment. It was a good reminder not to get tripped up by mistakes, but instead, start over at the baseline. Thanks for the insight and hope you have a terrific week!"


~ Susan King, mother, wife, sportswoman, traveler and meditator!

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Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic session. I really enjoyed it - I hope to re-listen to the meditation during the week, as I found it very rich in content...

All I can say is that I would love to join in again!"

~ Priyanka Gupta, meditation and yoga expert @Yoga with Priyanka. Priyanka is the grand-daughter of the famous freedom fighter, Lala Desh Bandhu Gupta who is honored for being an instrumental part of the freedom fighters movement in India, along with being a key player in social reforms, and a well known journalist.

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Take-aways from a recent client:


Connection.  You can relate to others, which in turn makes everything reach further & have deeper importance.  Your "touch" upon me, I believe,  has rippling effects into the world.  With the habits and self -inquiry we did together, I feel I have a strong foundation and from that, am able to serve others.


Engaging:  You connect with enthusiasm & encouragement.  You offer anecdotes from your own life which put me at ease and reminded me that we are all living the human experience--that we are all connected!


Integrity:  Your character resonates and it is what impelled me to follow and trust you.  I believe you say what you mean and mean what you say.  You truly walk the walk..........


These are only a few of your superpowers.  I could go on and on...


~ Carolyn Merlina, Nurse, Mother, Entrepreneur and Outdoor Adventurist!

Meris recently hosted a session for the Hydro Flask Women Rock group – her energy and ability to engage the group was off the charts. She is the real deal – her knowledge, experience and human connection are just a few of the characteristics that have us booking her for more corporate level sessions down the line.

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I’m a retired Navy SEAL Commander turned mindfulness and meditation teacher.  Even as a meditation teacher myself, having Meris guide me through a meditation was wonderful.  Meris and I had an amazing conversation that led into a personally designed meditation that was incredibly powerful and soothing - precisely what I needed exactly when I needed it!

~ Jon Macaskill | Macaskill Consulting

Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.)


I just wanted to say thanks for the session today. It was so heartbreaking hearing about what everyone is going through, and I am so grateful that you provided such a beautiful space for us. You truly have such a great gift, and I am so glad we get the opportunity to share time with you every week.

"Starting my Monday with Meris’ meditation helps me take control of my approach to my thinking, attention and attitude for the week.  Receiving the follow-up email with recording, allows me to refresh and keep that focus between our live sessions.  I have struggled to make meditation a regular part of my schedule, also I quickly forget about it if I’m left to self-serve.  Meris offers many time options and the necessary follow-up to make this easier for me to incorporate and prioritize in my life."


~ Christine Blumer | Business Development - Partner Relationships - Channel Development and Go-to-Market @AMD and fellow Portland Pilot!

"I am an active and healthy 67 year old mother of 5 and grandmother of 7! Living and playing in Montana, I drive great distances to see family around the country. I had no idea that meditation was not only about my mind but very distinctly about my body, too. Meditation released the tension that had been building up between my shoulder blades. I thought I needed a massage but after just one session, the pain completely dissolved and has stayed away!"


~Bonnie Gebhardt, Dietician, Outdoor Enthusiast, Fisherwoman, Road Warrior | Bozeman, Montana

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