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What does meditation mean to you?

Meditation to me means quieting my mind and body to listen to the whispers of wisdom. This inarguable truth guides me toward realizing my greater purpose beyond what my mere mortal mind might advise. Should you be inclined, I am grateful that you may entrust me to usher you toward realizing YOUR greatness! I am truly excited to see what the future holds for you in this lifetime.

As seen on Tony Robbins' LIVE Masterclass with Dean Graziosi

13 Weeks from Anxiety to Fulfillment

Private Meditation Mastery Series:
Our mission is to shift you from anxiety to fulfillment via unique techniques and practices resulting in sustainable transmutation. In 13 weeks, together we establish habits to build and reinforce lifestyle infrastructure for designing, curating and optimizing this
purposeful life.



Subscription Plans

13 LIVE virtual weekly group sessions

The unlimited monthly subscription-based group session model is designed to allow for your employees to pick the best days and times to meet their individual schedules. We recognize that meditation is a private and intimate practice allowing for a touch of anonymity and self-selected engagement. Think of it as your own virtual meditation studio!

Meditation as Foundation


Unlimited headcount, all global timezones, each business unit

$1000 /unlimited monthly

Meditation is the foundation empowering one to walk through life with grace, courage, and bravery. From ignorance to knowledge, this newfound light allows us to deliver our gifts, love, and talents.


Finding your fulfillment through meditation will make you SHINE! Do you know what this world needs most? A brightly shining YOU! I know I simply would not live life without meditation, and I would be honored to work with you.


Seva: Selfless Service

SEVA: Selfless Service It would not be meditation without compassionately considering our whole world. And we would not be OM if it were not for integrating Seva. Core to our belief system is selfless service, giving back and taking care of our global brothers and sisters. That is why we are grateful beyond measure to be partnering with SEEschool Shakti Empowerment Education. 1 in 6 people lives in India. So what is good for India is good for the world. During this intensely elevated Covid-19 crisis, we are choosing SEEschool as OM's recipient of Seva.









All donations go directly to the SEEschool fund helping women and children deal with trauma and mental health crises allowing them to remain engaged in their studies. This fund also provides support for the prevention of child marriage, domestic violence, and trafficking for students and families in need. Your donation is extremely appreciated extending you good karma for this lifetime and beyond.


Drawing on 22+ years of yoga, Ayurveda, psychology, philosophy,   professional experience and having struggled with her own bouts of anxiety, Meris is a highly regarded and prolific teacher, thought leader, and expert in the field of corporate & individualized meditation. Accepting and inviting new clients from around the world, Meris' style melds highest level thinking with deepest level somatic integration - a truly bespoke level of meditation leadership that you simply will not find anywhere else in the world. Guiding from informed intuition, no two sessions are alike and each is channeled from a divine source of wisdom to best serve your highest need.


Meris Gebhardt

Who we are

In loving reverence to my dog Max. We love and miss you terribly, Maxie boy. You graced our world with your tender and playful presence and energy for 14 years. You have left the physical plane and are now united with my inner spirit every minute of every day.

My never-ending love, Mer